Canon DSLR Camera Prices in Nepal

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Camera ModelPrice
EOS 3000D (18-55mm Kit lens)Rs. 48,000
EOS 2000D (18-55mm Kit lens)Rs. 62,000
EOS 200D (18-55mm STM lens)Rs. 1,000,00
EOS 800D (18-55mm STM lens)Rs. 104,000
EOS 850D (18-55mm STM lens)Rs. 132,000
EOS 800D (18-135mm STM lens)Rs. 138,000
EOS 80D (Body Only)Rs. 152,000
EOS 80D (18-135mm NANO lens)Rs. 177,000
EOS 90D (18-135mm NANO lens)Rs. 252,000

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