Mobile Prices in Nepal 2021

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Here, you can find the different kinds of mobile prices in Nepal 2021, that are available in the Nepali market. And you can also purchase these mobile phones from online stores like and


ModelVariantPrice (MRP)
Galaxy M01 Core 1/16GBRs.8,399
Galaxy M01 Core 2/32GBRs.9,999
Galaxy A01 2/16GBRs.13,499
Galaxy M013/32GBRs.13,599
Galaxy A10s 2/32GBRs.14,999
Galaxy M01s 3/32GBRs.14,999  
Galaxy M11 3/32GBRs.17,899
Galaxy A21s 4/64GBRs.22,499
Galaxy M21 4/64GBRs.21,999  
Galaxy M21 6/128GBRs.25,999  
Galaxy M31 6/128GBRs.29,999  
Galaxy M31 8/128GBRs.34,999  
Galaxy M51 6/128GBRs.39,999
Galaxy M51 6/128GBRs.43,999
Galaxy A51 8/128GBRs.39,999  
Galaxy A71 8/128GBRs.49,999  
Galaxy S20 FE 8/128GBRs.69,999 
Galaxy S20 FE  8/256GBRs.74,999 
Galaxy S108/128GBRs.74,999
Galaxy S10 Plus 8/128GBRs.89,999
Galaxy S10 Plus8/512GBRs.99,999
Galaxy Note 10 Lite 8/128GBRs.58,999
Galaxy Note 10 8/256GBRs.111,399
Galaxy Note 10+ 12/256GBRs.129,599
Galaxy S20  8/128GBRs.1,13,999  
Galaxy S20+ 8/128GBRs.1,26,999 
Galaxy S20 Ultra 12/128GBRs.1,59,999 
Galaxy Note 20 8/256GBRs.1,09,999 
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 8/128GBRs.1,39,999 
Galaxy Z Fold 2  12/256GBRs.2,49,999 
Galaxy z flip8/256GBRs.204999


ModelVariant Price (MRP)
iPhone SE 64GBRs.70,000  
iPhone SE  128GBRs.79,500  
iPhone SE  256GBRs.96,000  
iPhone XR  64GBRs.80,000
iPhone XR  128GBRs.90,000
iPhone XR  256GBRs.112,000
iPhone 1164GBRs.99,000
iPhone 11128GBRs.107,000
iPhone 11 256GBRs.124,000
iPhone 12 64GBRs.134,000 
iPhone 12 128GBRs.142,000
iPhone 12 256GBRs.158,000 
iPhone 12 Pro  128GBRs.175,000 
iPhone 12 Pro 256GBRs.193,000 
iPhone 12 Pro  512GBRs.227,000 


ModelVariantPrice (MRP)
Redmi Go1/8GBRs.7,499
Redmi Go1/16GBRs.7,999
Redmi 8A Dual 2/32GBRs.13,499
Redmi 8A Dual 3/32GBRs.14,499
Redmi 8A Dual 3/64GBRs.15,499 
Redmi 9A 2/32GBRs.11,499  
Redmi 9C 2/32GBRs.12,999  
Redmi 9C  3/64GBRs.14,999  
Redmi 84/64GBRs.16,499
Redmi Note 84/64GBRs.20,999
Redmi Note 86/128GBRs.23999
Redmi 9 3/32GBRs.16,999
Redmi 9 4/64GBRs.17,999
Redmi 9 Prime 4/64GBRs.17,999 
Redmi 9 Prime 4/128GBRs.18,999
Redmi Note 9  4/64GBRs.20,999 
Redmi Note 9  4/128GBRs.22,999  
Redmi Note 9 6/128GBRs.24,999  
Redmi Note 8 pro6/64GBRs.26,999
Redmi Note 8 pro6/128GBRs.29,999
Redmi Note 8 pro8/128GBRs.32,999
Redmi Note 9 Pro 4/128GBRs.26,999  
Redmi Note 9 Pro 6/128GBRs.29,999  
Note 9 Pro Max 6/64GBRs.29,999  
Note 9 Pro Max 6/128GBRs.31,999
Note 9 Pro Max 8/128GBRs.34,999  
Xiaomi MI A3 4/64GBRs.23,999
Xiaomi MI A3 6/128GBRs.27,999
Mi Note 10 Lite 6/128GBRs.44,999  
Mi Note 10 Lite 8/128GBRs.49,999
Mi 10 8/256GBRs.89,999  


ModelVariant Price (MRP)
Poco C3 4/64GBRs.14,999 
Poco M2 6/64GBRs.18,999 
Poco M2 6/128GBRs.19,999 
Poco X36/128GBRs.31999


ModelVariant Price (MRP)
Vivo Y902/32GBRs.14,490
Vivo Y91c 20202/32GBRs.14,999  
Vivo Y934/64GBRs.17,890
Vivo Y11 20193/32GBRs. 18,590
Vivo Y124/64GBRs.21,590
Vivo Y154/64GBRs.22,990
Vivo Y174/128GBRs.25,190
Vivo Y203/64GBRs.20,990  
Vivo Y30 4/64GBRs.24,999  
Vivo Y30 4/128GBRs.27,999  
Vivo Y194/128GBRs.27,990
Vivo S14/128GBRs.28,390
Vivo S16/128GBRs.31,490
Vivo S1 Pro8/128GBRs.36,790
Vivo V156/128GBRs.39,990
Vivo V15 pro8/128GBRs.50,390
Vivo V17 Pro8/128GBRs.52,490
Vivo V198/128GBRs. 49,999
Vivo V20 SE 8/128GBRs.39,990 
Vivo V20 8/128GBRs.47,990 


ModelVariantPrice (MRP)
OPPO A1k 2/32GBRs.15,490
OPPO A3s 3/32GBRs.24,590
OPPO A5s  2/32GBRs.16,790
OPPO A5s 3/32GBRs.18,590
Oppo A5 2020 3/64GBRs.22,990
Oppo A5 2020 4/128GBRs.25,490
Oppo A12 3/32GBRs.18,590  
Oppo A12 4/64GBRs.20,790  
Oppo A31 4/128GBRs.26,590  
Oppo A53 4/64GBRs.22,990 
Oppo A52 4/128GBRs.29,990  
Oppo A9 2020 8/128GBRs.33,590
OPPO F9  3/64GBRs.37,990
OPPO F9  4/64GBRs.45,590
Oppo F11 4/128GBRs.29,990
Oppo F11 Pro 6/128GBRs.38,990
Oppo F15 8/128GBRs.39,990  
Oppo F17 6/128GBRs.33,990 
Oppo F17 Pro 8/128GBRs.43,990 
OPPO Reno 2F 8/28GBRs.43,990
Oppo Reno 3 8/128GBRs.46,990  


ModelVariant Price (MRP)
Realme C2  2/16GBRs.12,990
Realme C2 2/32GBRs.14,390
Realme C2 3/32GBRs.15,990
Realme C11  2/32GBRs.14,990 
Realme C12 3/32GBRs.16,990 
Realme C15  4/64GBRs.19,990 
Realme C3 3/32GBRs.16,990 
Realme 3 3/32GBRs.16,590
Realme 34/64GBRs.19,990
Realme 5 3/64GBRs.20,990
Realme 5 4/128GBRs.23,990
Realme 5i4/64GBRs.21,790
Realme 5 Pro 4/128GBRs.31,500
Realme 5 Pro 4/64GBRs.26,990
Realme 6i 4/128GBRs.25,990   
Realme 6 8/128GBRs.32,990  
Realme 7i 8/128GBRs.29,990 
Realme 7 8/128GBRs.35,990 


ModelVariant Price (MRP)
One Plus N10 5G 6/128GBRs.39,490
OnePlus Nord 8/128GBRs.53,999
OnePlus Nord 12/256GBRs.63,999
OnePlus 8 12/256GBRs.92,999
OnePlus 8T  8/128GBRs.79,999
OnePlus 8T 12/256GBRs.94,999
OnePlus 8 Pro 12/256GBRs.125,999


ModelVariantPrice (MRP)
Nokia C11/16GBRs.7,199
Nokia C1 Plus1/16GBRs.8,399 
Nokia C21/16GBRs.9,299
Nokia C32/16GBRs.12,499 
Nokia 2.32/32GBRs.13,499
Nokia 2.42/32GBRs.14,599  
Nokia 3.43/64GBRs.18,699 
Nokia 5.3 4/64GBRs.23,499
Nokia 7.24/64GBRs.33,999


ModelVariantPrice (MRP)
Infinix Hot 9 Play2/32GBRs.11,490
Infinix Smart 53/64GBRs.12,990
Infinix Hot 9lay Turbo 4/64GBRs.14,990
Infinix Note 7 Lite 4/64GBRs.17,990
Infinix Note 7 Lite4/128GBRs.18,490
Infinix Note 7 4/128GBRs.21,990
Infinix Note 7 6/128GBRs.23,990
Infinix Zero 88/128GBRs.31,999


ModelVariantPrice (MRP)
Moto E7 Plus 4/64GBRs.16,590 
Moto G9 Play 4/128GBRs.19,990 
Moto G8 Power LiteLaunching Soon


ModelVariantPrice (MRP)
Huawei Y5p2/32GBRs.10,090 
Huawei Y5 Lite1/32GBRs.11,990
Huawei Y6s3/32GBRs.16,790
Huawei Y6p4/64GBRs.17,490 
Huawei Y7p4/64GBRs.23,990 
Huawei Y8p6/128GBRs.26,990
Huawei Y9s6/128GBRs.33,900
Huawei Y Max4/128GBRs.38,990
Huawei Nova 5T6/128GBRs.53,900
Huawei P408/128GBRs.109,990
Huawei P40 Pro8/256GBRs.129,990
Huawei P40 Pro Plus8/512GBRs.179,990


ModelVariantPrice (MRP)
Honor 7S2/16GBRs.10,999
Honor 8s2/32GBRs.12,599
Honor 8A Lite3/32GBRs.14,299
Honor 8A Pro3/64GBRs.15,699  
Honor 9X Lite4/128GBRs.23,999 
Honor 9X 6/128GBRs.30,999  


ModelVariant Price (MRP)
Colors Pride 1512MB/4GBRs.3,995
Colors Pride P20512MB/4GBRs.4,345
Colors Pride 1A512MB/8GBRs.5,585
Colors Pride 1E1/8GBRs.6,999
Colors Pride 5E1/8GBRs.7,925
Colors 1X2/16GBRs.8,495
Colors Pride 7s3/32GBRs.8,499
Colors Pride 5X2/16GBRs.9,999


ModelVariantPrice (MRP)
Lava Iris 31512MB/4GBRs.4,999
Lava Iris 431/16GBRs.5,899
Lava Iris 451/8GBRs.6,299
Lava Iris 50c1/8GBRs.7,599
Lava Iris 511/8GBRs.7,999
Lava Iris 521/8GBRs.9,499
Lava Iris 541/16GBRs.7,999
Lava Iris 611/16GBRs.6,799
Lava Iris 651/8GBRs.8,999
Lava Iris 882/16GBRs.10,999
Lava Iris 892/16GBRs.11,999
Lava V+ 6 Prime2/16GBRs.9,999
Lava R3 Prime3/32GBRs.18,999
Lava R3 Note3/16GBRs.13,999
Lava R54/64GBRs.22,999
Lava R5v2/32GBRs.14,499
Lava R5 Play2/32GBRs.12,799
Lava Benco V72/16GBRs.9,999  
Lava Benco V82/32GBRs.12,999  

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